Find Continued Business Projects from Crypto Influencer Program

stacy dsouza
2 min readJul 20, 2021


Crypto/Finance Content Creators and Influencers can make money via crypto.

If you are someone who is creating engaging, and highly interacting content, then here’e a business opportunities to earn via your channel.


CoinPedia a leading crypto and fintech news channel is coming up with a“Crypto Influencer’s Program”.

If you are a crypto or finance Influencer, creating highly engaging, creative, and Interesting content, This Is The Time to Make Some Income In Crypto & this program is the best fit for you to find continued business opportunities.

You can have a youtube channel, a Twitter account, a telegram group n channels, or a popular group and account on any mainstream media Like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram.

Influencers and Content Creators will be listed on CoinPedia’s Business Category Page. Once your profile is verified and listed, you will receive continued business opportunities from big companies and clients globally that will help improve your reach and audience.

The entire process is free of cost, so you wouldn’t be charged for anything. All you have to do is fill the form and submit it.

Once listed you will be able to receive continued and verified projects from companies and subscribers looking for paid promotion on Youtube, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, Listing sites, Writers, designers, and others.

All the enrolled Content creators and Influencers will be listed on CoinPedia’s Business Category Page.

Once listed the influencers will receive continued sponsored business opportunities from big companies and clients.

Benefits to Influencer’s :-

1.Continued Business Opportunities
2.Secure & Instant Payments System
3.Manage your portfolio at one place
4.Get Verified tags and Giveaway reward by projects
5.CoinPedia assistance to help you solve your business queries

Here’s the application form link:-

Hurry Up if you haven’t.!!!